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EduTree flaunts to have one of most innovative designs in the world, with EduGlobe being one of the most intricately designed structures. EduGlobe clearly displays the message hidden inside it about the vision of Cerebroz EduTree. Educational fruits designed on Edutree portray the knowledge and benefits of this unique learning aid.


With just 21mm height and 155mm length, EduBase is masterly designed to the give the device a perfect look. This wonderfully designed gadget also has an ability to sustain and support the high-tech hardware kept inside it. It is so slim that it gives an amazing look to the overall design of EduTree device and blends seamlessly with EduGlobe.

EduTree has advanced 4 in 1 technology

The world's first of its kind interactive learning tool for replacing live TV ads with educational content


Wifi router

Screen Mirroring

Educational Tablet

EduTree is not just a simple
device but it’s a whole institution

  • EduTips : Guidance and counseling for kids and parents.
  • EduTest : An interactive learning platform to assess your knowledge and learning.
  • EduProgress : An application to keep track of the learning activities for kids along with the ranking system.
  • EduEye : A uniquely designed parental control system
  • Educast : Mirror your mobile screen to larger screen of TV or Projector.

Large memory
Fine is not good enough

EduTree is equipped with 2GB RAM and 16GB eMMC internal storage, large memory
makes EduTree has excellent multi-tasking performance, 16GB storage space will never run out.

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