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Transforming Idiot Box to Genius Box & Making Smart phone users smarter

World's first device replacing TV ads with education

TV ad replacement is a unique feature of EduTree device which saves you from repeated bombardment of brand messages and replace it with curriculum based academic education or General Knowledge content pre-stored in EduTree device. It saves time, money and at the same time imparts positive education to kid's mind instead of negative content of TV.

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EduTree App lock: We call it EduLock.

EduTree device works in sync with EduTree mobile application to promote education before unproductive use of any mobile application. It makes sure by unique EduLock feature available in android app. iOS app coming soon.

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We are Omni Present

The vision of Cerebroz EduTree is to convert negative effects of screen in to positive ones. To make it a reality EduTree's core concept works not only on TV but also on mobile and tablet to provide world class K12 education which makes sure your child learns the best no matter what digital screen he is occupied with.

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EduBrowser: Monitor kid's Internet behaviour and TV viewing habits.

You might be concerned about kid's Internet presence but don't worry EduTree comes with kid friendly EduBrowser Providing safer internet browsing experience for child. EduTree also monitors kid's TV viewing habits so you are up to date with kid's viewing preferences on TV and guide them if needed.

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General Knowledge

In addition to syllabus mapped K12 education, EduTree also provides General knowledge. We at Cerebroz are committed to your success and understand that GK is required to succeed in life and to score higher marks in competitive exams.

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It's important to regularly evaluate your kids learning to know what's working and what's not. EduTree comes equipped with Online and Offline test modules. Weekly online tests are organised by us where as offline tests are chapter specifics which kids can appear whenever and wherever they want.

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Progress report: know where you stand to stand out

It is important to be in sync with learning to take informed decisions. EduTree documents kid's each video views and his performance in it to prepare a progress report and global ranking, which parents can access right In their EduTree Mobile app. This motivates kid to stay competitive and keep learning.


EduTree is a complete family gadget with multiple features and there is something for everyone. EduCast is a screen mirroring functionality from EduTree so you can share your small screen mobile on a larger TV screen with family. EduTree also has wifi-router functionality.