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About Cerebroz EduTree

Cerebroz EduTree is the world’s first and only startup in the world which can replace live TV ads with positive Education. We had embarked on a path to revolutionise the whole education system and the way we use digital media and technology.

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EduTree Transform your Idiot Box in to Genius Box

Get home an EduTree and make learning a fun activity for kids; So that the way kids remember all the TV advertisements, they will digest the learning content more deeply with EduTree.

EduTree can be the best suited for children learning If
  • You want to help your kids in solving their TV/Mobile viewing habits.
  • You want to save your kids from negative and hazardous content aired on TV.
  • You are concerned about your kid’s education and learning and wish to induce meaningful educational activities for kids.
  • You want him to learn through futuristic, smart learning content prepared by the scientists.
  • You want him to use a comprehensive - five in one advanced technological device.
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EduVideo Education won’t be boring anymore,
get edutainment with edutree.

Conceptualized and animated educational video which kids love to see, can change the way of learning. After doing the research in deep, we analyse that audio and video effect can improve the grasping level of kids. So, we are making small and effective educational video.

EduVideo is the best EduTainment because...
  • Provide complete education- academic,social education and general knowledge.
  • Videos are only ~100 sec. long duration.
  • Crafted and curated by the scientists.
  • Have dual language support. i.e.English and Gujarati.
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EduKey An universal remote control.

Say good bye to different remote controls! Gone are the days of using old fashioned remote controls to run various devices. Be ready to welcome the new age revolution in universal remote control system.

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Cerebroz EduTree App

Download Cerebroz Edutreee mobile App.The world’s first device replacing live TV ads with education and solve your kids TV/Mobile viewing habits.

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